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Welcome to Kentucky Lamb

Kentucky Lamb is born and raised on the gentle hills of Shepherd's View Farm and Two Shakes Ranch in Mercer and Washington counties. Our families strive to bring to yours the very best and highest quality lamb without sacrificing the quality of life for the sheep.  Meet our family from left to right: Amanda, Lyla, Eileen, Tracy, Tipton, and Randy.


Summer Has Begun - (Contrary to the calendar)

June is well under way here in Kentucky but if you ask me it might as well be August!  For the three years we've been here every year has been different and just as I say the summers aren't so bad . . . we get a day like today!  Our first summer here was like this, I remember it well!

Holly Hill Inn now serving Kentucky Lamb!

We are so pleased to announce you can now taste our lamb at Holly Hill Inn located in Midway, KY.  Stop in for dinner and tell your waiter you want some delicious Kentucky Lamb served on your plate, your tastebuds will thank you!!  The renowned local chef, Ouita Michel, will surely make you come crawling back for more!  Visit to see a menu.

What's happening: lambing and sales

The December/January lambing season is now complete with 44 healthy little lambs running along the hills.  We are now gearing up for a much bigger March lambing season with an expected 130+ lambs to come!  Things are running smoothly here on the farm and we are excited to announce that sales are doing well too!  Our breeding stock and our lamb cuts are quite popular these days and we have many happy customers!  Looking forward, many more exciting things are to come and we couldn't be more happy about that here at Kentucky Lamb!  Once again, thank you to all our supporters, we love this busi

Here's the Poop!

We would like to thank everyone for all the great feedback from our Facebook page to our website and especially our lamb.  Our plan with this blog is to give everyone an insight into what's happening on our two farms.  Thanks again for all the support!

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